There is GREAT news from the Bulverde City Council regarding Ammann Ranch development. Please read the attached agenda for the next meeting, Tuesday, Nov 10. We have read it and think that this is a dream come true.

Here are some of the highlights straight from the attached document:

The proposed amendment would effectuate the following changes to the balance of the Goldsmith tract that is as of yet undeveloped:

  1. The high-density portions of the project would be removed, and the project would be reconstituted as a low-density community of 1+ acre lot homesites. The overall density of the tract would be reduced from 934 homes to 309 homes, a 67% reduction in density.
  2. The open space buffer along the eastern edge of the property (adjacent to Persimmon Hill) will be maintained, as well as the prohibition on the creation of any connecting streets between the two subdivisions.
  3. Because of the increase in the size of the lots, the subdivision will be served by individual septic systems instead of a centralized wastewater treatment plant.
  4. The agreement especially requires the developer to utilize Canyon Lake Water Supply Corp. as their water provider. This measure will help protect the wells of existing customers in the surrounding neighborhoods. Previously, this tract was contemplating utilizing a competing water company that depends on unregulated wells in our area to supply water.
  5. The previous portions of the prior agreements related to the Sutherland Development are not impacted by this agreement and will remain in full force and effect.

We are all very appreciative of our Mayor, City Manager, and City Council for their ability to put this kind of agreement together.

Thank you BNCW members, neighbors, and friends for your encouragement, donations, and hard work over these past two and one-half years! Without your help, speaking out, and acting out, we would be looking at a high-density nightmare.

Sincerely, Michelle and Lea