On April 1, 2021, Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance (GEAA), Bulverde Neighborhoods for Clean Water (BNCW), Texas Cave Management Association (TCMA), and adjacent landowners signed a final settlement agreement with Silesia Properties, L.P./Mr. Ronald Urbanczyk regarding the Honey Creek development and Texas Land Application Permit (TLAP).

We would have all preferred the Silesia properties not be developed at all, or developed as luxury size acre lots to ensure the safety of Honey Creek caverns, spring, and creek, but understand the development was going to move forward regardless of our concerns.

Proceeding with mediation and not going to a Contested Case Hearing allowed beneficial requests of Silesia Properties. These requests would not have been available to the protestants had the permit gone to Contested Case Hearing.

The TLAP wastewater treatment plant benefits are:

  • Total homes limited to 1,640
  • Class A Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator, daily site visits and 24/7 by pager
  • UV disinfection rather than chlorine
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant to be designed to allow for beneficial reuse.
  • Increased effluent storage capacity 6 days
  • Effluent Limits: Total Nitrogen: 6 mg/L and Total Phosphorous: 0.5 mg/L
  • Increased TLAP soil depth of 20″ and enhanced soil testing plan
  • Seeps and Springs monitoring plan
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • No new groundwater wells
  • Developer nor permit holder can apply for or seek a TPDES permit
  • Dark Sky provisions
  • Restrictions of use of chemicals on roads
  • Backup power for lift stations
  • No use of coal tar sealant on roads
  • Green space buffer
  • Adjacent landowner accommodations

View the full Final settlement agreement here:

To ensure compliance with the final settlement agreement, we will be vigilant in attending Bulverde Planning & Zoning and City Council meetings and observing all activities at the Honey Creek development.

Please continue to display your @SAVEHONEYCREEK signs and bumper stickers.

Thank you for your continued help and support to Save Honey Creek!