Successful Mediation with DTB Investments for Indian Creek

Thank you to all the members of BNCW and surrounding neighbors for your support in challenging DTB Investments over the past two years. Due in large part to your dedication, we had a successful mediation on August 28th. We achieved many positive permit holder/developer obligations.

These are some of the main points.

  • TPDES with 210 beneficial reuse (Will act like a TLAP)
  • Class A Operator
  • Well monitoring and Water Conservation
  • Construction traffic, Road, and Dark Sky Provisions
  • Emergency Power to WWTP, and Screening of WWTP and Discharge point
  • Stormwater and Development
  • Runoff Provisions and Impervious Cover per MDP

We hope this Settlement Agreement will serve our neighborhoods well in the future. Our work is not over as we will continue to ensure DTB Investments will honor follow their obligations outlined in this Final DTB Settlement Agreement.